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New Music Added October 22, 2018

We just added some new music to The Rooster..

Alice in ChainsNever Fade
DisturbedAre You Ready
Five Finger Death PunchSham Pain
Foster the PeopleSit Next to Me
GodsmackWhen Legends Rise
Greta Van FleetWhen the Curtain Falls
Imagine DragonsNatural
MetricDark Saturday
Monster TruckEvolution
Monster TruckDenim Danger
Pop EvilA Crime to Remember
Rival SonsDo Your Worst
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The ConspiratorsDriving Rain
The Blue StonesBlack Holes (Solid Ground)
The InterruptersShe’s Kerosene
The LazysLittle Miss Crazy
The Smashing PumpkinsSilvery Sometimes (Ghosts)
The StrutsBody Talks
The TrewsVintage Love


When it rains…

…it pours!   What I thought was ANOTHER power outage turned out to be caused by my air conditioning.  My part of the world is currently undergoing temps in the high 30’s to 40 degrees celcius, and that proved too much for my home’s climate control, which in turn knocked out power to my house, which knocked The Rooster off the air.  I hope the adage “things happen in threes” holds true, because this should be it!

The one thing about this that makes me happy is that all the changes I made to how the station starts up when the computer reboots worked!  It started up & everything started playing like it should!



Murphy’s Law…

…Anything that can go wrong, will.  Leave town for a few days, and everything goes tits up!  Get it back online remotely, and a power failure happens.  Get home, and spend a ton of time trying to figure out ways to improve when things like this happen, and everything goes screwy!

I think I have it working again!  Thanks for your patience



It took a while, but I found the issue to the repeating songs, and weird occurrences the past two days.  A corrupted settings file seems to have been the culprit.  Seems to be fixed now though.  Thanks for your patience.


The Rooster apologizes to anyone who had us removed from their favourites list on Tune-In.  We lost about 10% of our followers, and have heard from other stations that had lost a big chunk of theirs as well.  This was something that happened on Tune-In’s end, we cannot adjust (or see) who follows us. If you find that we’re not part of your favourites list anymore, please re-add us!


The Last Double Play Weekend

March 3 & 4 is the last Double Play Weekend on The Rooster.  While we enjoyed having them, when listening, we noticed that doing 54 straight hours of double plays restricted the artists you’d hear on the weekends.

Watch for double play hours coming soon.

We also have a few other tricks up our sleeve, coming soon.  If you have any ideas for features, you’re welcome to let us know through the contact page.


Scenic Anomalies

The Rooster is currently in the process of switching to a music scheduling software.  This will make it easier for us to have more fun with the music selections.  But like any journey, there are bumps in the road.  Please bear with us while we track down issues and fix them!

If you notice something weird, don’t be afraid to let us know by filling out a contact form in the Contact Us section.