Author: The Rooster

Stream Issues

Appologies for all the issues with the stream this weekend.  The problem doesn’t seem to originate at The Rooster, but somewhere between here and our streaming server, meaning there’s not much I can do to resolve the issue quickly.


When it rains…

…it pours!   What I thought was ANOTHER power outage turned out to be caused by my air conditioning.  My part of the world is currently undergoing temps in the high 30’s to 40 degrees celcius, and that proved too much for my home’s climate control, which in turn knocked out power to my house, which knocked The Rooster off the air.  I hope the adage “things happen in threes” holds true, because this should be it!

The one thing about this that makes me happy is that all the changes I made to how the station starts up when the computer reboots worked!  It started up & everything started playing like it should!



Murphy’s Law…

…Anything that can go wrong, will.  Leave town for a few days, and everything goes tits up!  Get it back online remotely, and a power failure happens.  Get home, and spend a ton of time trying to figure out ways to improve when things like this happen, and everything goes screwy!

I think I have it working again!  Thanks for your patience



It took a while, but I found the issue to the repeating songs, and weird occurrences the past two days.  A corrupted settings file seems to have been the culprit.  Seems to be fixed now though.  Thanks for your patience.


The Rooster apologizes to anyone who had us removed from their favourites list on Tune-In.  We lost about 10% of our followers, and have heard from other stations that had lost a big chunk of theirs as well.  This was something that happened on Tune-In’s end, we cannot adjust (or see) who follows us. If you find that we’re not part of your favourites list anymore, please re-add us!