Scenic Anomalies

The Rooster is currently in the process of switching to a music scheduling software.  This will make it easier for us to have more fun with the music selections.  But like any journey, there are bumps in the road.  Please bear with us while we track down issues and fix them!

If you notice something weird, don’t be afraid to let us know by filling out a contact form in the Contact Us section.


Three Legged Thanksgiving Triple Play Weekend!

October 6-9 is Thanksgiving here in Canada, and we’re celebrating by putting and extra drumstick on the Turkey! (so to speak)

Join the Rooster Friday, October 6th at 6PT as we play artist triplets all Long Weekend!  There’s no better way to spend your turkey-coma than listening to a ton of great rock!


Streaming Server Maintenance

We’ve been informed by our Streaming Service provider that they will be performing maintenance on our server Wednesday, October 4th.  This will cause our stream to go down for approximately 15-30 minutes at a “non-peak time.”  Our provider is in the UK, so I have no idea when this would occur… non-peak for them may no be non-peak in your time zone!  Anyway, if you find us down, come back in a few minutes and try again.