Have a song you absolutely have to hear?  Make your request here!  A Green Plus signs means the song can currently be requested without breaking any song or artist repeat rules.  A Red X means it has recently played or is already queued, or requested and you will need to wait awhile before it can be played again.  We play one request per hour, in the second half of the hour, near the :45 minute mark, except during the Double Play Diner hours.  You can request up to three songs per day. We can’t tell you when your song will be played, that depends on how many requests are already waiting, so please don’t ask.


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# Artist Title Duration Request
3401 Yes Changes 00:06:17 Request
3402 Yes I've Seen All Good People - A. Your Move - B. All Good People 00:06:36 Request
3403 Yes It Can Happen 00:05:23 Request
3404 Yes Leave It 00:04:11 Request
3405 Yes Love Will Find a Way 00:04:48 Request
3406 Yes Owner of a Lonely Heart 00:04:22 Request
3407 Yes Rhythm of Love 00:04:40 Request
3408 Yes Roundabout 00:08:27 Request
3409 Zuckerbaby Andromeda 00:04:12 Request
3410 ZZ Top Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers 00:03:17 Requested
3411 ZZ Top Can't Stop Rockin' 00:02:57 Request
3412 ZZ Top Cheap Sunglasses 00:04:47 Request
3413 ZZ Top Doubleback 00:03:52 Request
3414 ZZ Top Gimme All Your Lovin' 00:03:56 Request
3415 ZZ Top Got Me Under Pressure 00:03:53 Request
3416 ZZ Top Heard It on the X 00:02:22 Request
3417 ZZ Top I Thank You 00:03:18 Request
3418 ZZ Top I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide 00:04:40 Request
3419 ZZ Top La Grange 00:03:41 Request
3420 ZZ Top Legs 00:04:26 Request
3421 ZZ Top My Head's In Mississippi 00:04:04 Request
3422 ZZ Top Pearl Necklace 00:04:02 Request
3423 ZZ Top Rough Boy 00:04:42 Request
3424 ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man 00:04:10 Request
3425 ZZ Top Sleeping Bag 00:04:00 Request
3426 ZZ Top Stages 00:03:28 Request
3427 ZZ Top Tube Snake Boogie 00:03:01 Request
3428 ZZ Top Tush 00:02:13 Request
3429 ZZ Top TV Dinners 00:03:47 Request
3430 ZZ Top Velcro Fly 00:03:26 Request